Daren + Chloe

A tale of two weddings…

We were excited as soon as we heard about Daren and Chloe's 2 day wedding plans. The first day was a traditional Tamil wedding ceremony which took place at a Temple in Lewisham, with all the colour and tradition that goes with it.

We knew we wanted to mix both wedding traditions in the film, to show the importance of both to the couple, and we felt the juxtaposition of the Tamil and Christians formalities cut together really well.

We are always looking for great audio to help complement our visual story telling, and this normally comes from the speeches, but Daren had a surprise for Chloe we had never seen before- a special message for his wife-to-be recorded on a dictaphone. It was a really great moment and highlights the importance of waiting for us to arrive before opening your wedding gifts!

We are always searching for those special moments in the morning, and also a way of shooting them in a creative fashion, and we feel we managed both of these things during this moment of Chloe being dressed by her mum.

You can't beat a stunning venue and we are always looking for the best angle to introduce it.

It's always great to work with a photographer who spends a good portion of the afternoon taking the couple off for some photos, giving us an opportunity to take some great footage.

You can't beat a great sunset, and we are always on the lookout for a shot to transition from the day to the evening of the wedding and we couldn't have asked for more than this…

Daren and Chloe booked us for a bit longer than normal to capture some footage of the traditional Tamil dancers, who entertained the guests in the evening of their second wedding day, and it was a perfect way to start and begin their film. The dancing also inspired the music track we chose to build their film around, which ends with a great burst of energy, just like their special day!