David + Victoria

Love, laugher and a happily ever after…

David and Victoria live in Dubai, so our conversations leading up to the wedding happened over email and Skype, but this didn't stop me getting a handle on the sort of people they were and the sort of day they were planning: one filled with friends, family, fun and lots of laughter!

I'm always looking for new and interesting ways of opening my films, and often the moments I finally chose were captured purely by chance. In David and Victoria's case, the photographer (Adam Cash Photography - great guy!) and I hitched a lift in their wedding car to take some photos and video in a nearby field, and I managed to grab a couple of shots from the inside of the car on the way back to the house, which I thought would work as a great introduction to the film. I also managed to grab a few seconds of the couple exiting the field at the end of the photoshoot, and thought it was a great little moment to cut to during the intro.


During the morning preparations I also request that the bride holds off on handing out gifts or cards until I have arrived, as they are often a great visual moment, and in this case Victoria must have written some beautiful words about her parents, as both of them were very emotional while reading their cards, which gave me a couple of lovely moments to cut to during the trailer. Victoria's father's reaction also weaved perfectly with the touching words he had for his daughter, during his speech, later on in the day.


still3zIt makes life so much easier when the wedding venue isn't too restrictive on where and how we can film, as it allows us to capture some great moments, like this shot (probably my favourite of the day!) of the interior church window, and also Victoria and her father walking down the aisle towards David.


David and Victoria's day was bound to be full of laughter and smiles, as they are too of the happiest people I have worked with this year, so I had to make sure I included some of those moments in the film, alongside David's funny and touching speech.


Almost every wedding I film ends with a first dance, but not all first dances are created equal! David and Victoria pulled out all the stops with their fun interpretation, which soon had everyone up on the dance floor: a perfect end to a day which was clearly as much about the couple sharing their infectious happiness with others, as it was about their love for each other - it was a real privilege to be a part of it.