Davidson + Katie

An historical day…

Davidson and Katie were married at Battle Abbey School, which sits on the site of the Battle of Hastings. It was an honour to work in a setting so rich with history- from the epic portrait in the school's Great Hall, through to the ruins of the abbey outside, it was a visual storyteller's dream.

The couple choose me to film their day, as they believed my dramatic and cinematic style, along with my tendency to focus a good portion of my time on filming establishing shots of the venue (something a lot of videographer's choose to ignore) would be a good fit for them.

When I arrived at the venue their was a mist hanging over the battlefield, which seemed so appropriate and once I heard the haunting toast sung by all the guests before the wedding breakfast I knew I had a great dramatic opening to their film.

I always hope the groom has some lovely things to say about his new wife, and Davidson did not disappoint, so his words made a great narrative thread for the film and I had to make sure I included some shots from the stunning wedding breakfast room, with its medieval pillars.

Both I and the photographer couldn't wait to take the couple into the catacombs underneath the ruins of the abbey as it was a perfect place for some couple shots, with just enough natural light streaming in through the doorways.

The happy couples first dance took place in the Great Hall, in the shadow of the portrait of the battle, and was a fittingly dramatic end to the day.

I always try and find a moment from the footage that I feel encapsulates the day, and try to repeat it throughout the film. In this case it was the moment Davidson was spinning his new wife around during their first dance, both of them lost in the moment, and this was a perfect end to film I had great pleasure in crafting…