James + Hayley

A summer orchard wedding…

I had the pleasure of filming Hayley's brother's wedding last year at Fennes in Essex (see video here), so it was great to be part of another family wedding. Hayley and James choose a great venue in Creeksea Place, but not only that, they choose the best spot at the venue, in the orchard! It was a stunning morning when I arrived, with some great light and shadow, which gave me some great opportunities for shots. Also the couple opted to not have their preparations filmed, which gave me a little more time to film the venue in the morning- one of my favourite parts of the filming process!

One of my favourite shots from the day, even though it only lasts a few seconds, is of the bird flying passed the venue, which I added at the beginning of their film. I also thought these opening shots would look great in black and white- which, if used sparingly, can add a great cinematic touch to the film.

I don't normally linger on a shot for more than a few seconds, but the shot of Hayley walking down the aisle with her father was too good to cut away from, so I laid some audio from the ceremony underneath and stayed on the shot until Hayley and James got a chance to see each other for the first time on their wedding day.

Hayley and James were so obviously in love on the day, it isn't difficult to get plenty of footage of the two of them smiling at each and having the odd stolen kiss.



I love finding new and interesting ways of editing my wedding films, and one such way is to find shots that cut and flow into each other naturally. In this trailer that moment comes when Hayley and James are practising their first dance in the orchard and I am able to cut from this into the actual dance a few hours later.


Hayley and James opted to book me for a little longer than usual in the evening which allowed me to finish off their film with some great shots of the dancing in the evening.