Matt + Katie

A real tear jerker…

Braxted Park is one of my favourite Essex venues, a stunning house at the end of a sweeping drive. It's also pretty great inside…

Katie got ready for her big day at the venue, and as she was ready nice and early it allowed us to get some great footage of her father seeing her for the first time in her dress (something we are not normally able to catch). As dad had given such a touching speech about his daughter later in the day, we knew this would be a perfect accompaniment to the morning footage.

Jumping forward to the church ceremony- Matt became very emotional during his vows, and left one of the longest pauses we've witnessed, which we couldn't help but fill with a poignant moment from later in the day, when the couple stood in the doorway of Braxted.

We were spoilt for choice when it came to footage of the happy couple enjoying some time to themselves in the afternoon, as the photographer took them away from an extra long photo session. Footage of the couple together is one of our favourite parts of the day, as it gives us a chance to get creative.

We are always looking for the defining moment of the day, which we like to repeat throughout the film, which came in the form of a shot of Katie and Matt standing in doorway of Braxted Park, with the long drive sweeping away behind them. With the correct use of camera exposure we created a lovely silhouette of the happy couple. We also made sure we waited for them to move away, to get a final shot of the doorway to use as the end shot of the film.