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We are one of the top ten wedding videographers
in the UK, as chosen by the internationally renowned Junebug Weddings.

Cinematic, elegant and timeless. These are the three words we think best describe our wedding videography. If you're looking for a lengthy wedding video set to a piece of pop music, there are loads of great wedding videographers out there offering such a service, but we prefer to do things a little differently.

Rather than shooting hours of video footage and putting it together in a lengthy, documentary-style wedding video, we believe in finding the perfect shots and moments, focusing on people, on composition, on the emotion of the wedding day and crafting an elegant and timeless story during the editing process- the cornerstone of our style is to be as cinematic as possible.

We also believe in keeping things simple: we do not use lots of gadgets and gizmos to produce our wedding films (you won't find any tracks being set up on the ground or people whizzing around with stedicams!), rather a keen eye for a perfect shot and creative editing- so our equipment, and shooting style on the wedding day, is minimal and discreet, very much like a photographers. This minimalist style of videography lends itself well to intimate weddings, where discretion is key, overseas weddings, where baggage allowances are important, and for couples who simply don't want their special day turned in to a film set!

Your wedding day is a moment in your life that truly belongs to you, a refection of your unique companionship- let us help you capture this, in our own inimitable, handcrafted way. View more
wedding video samples or feel free to contact us with any questions about our wedding videography!

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